Tourist spots in the Philippines with description

On this website I will describe 2 unique places in the Philippines. The top destination is of course Boracay. Pundaquit I would say the opposite – it is for me much more the place for Filipinos. What is in common about those two attractions, you can go there from Metro Manila with limited budget. Certainly, both those different places are beautiful.

To be clear, my interest has been in great beaches, snorkeling, caves, islands, coasts and viewpoints.

Boracay (Western Visayas)

Boracay is the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines. It is only 7 kms long island which offers enough beaches and other attractions to have 2 weeks of adventure.

You cannot miss snorkeling at Tambisaan Beach or seeing Boracay from Mount Luho Viewpoint. Just do not limit yourself to White Beach, there is much more to see and experience.

My goal was to visit all publicly available coastal area of Boracay.

Then I created the Boracay Cheap website which presents many pictures and added concise information about tourist places on this special island.

Just keep in mind that if you want to organize cheap holidays there, you must make use of RoRo as a mean of transportation from Metro Manila.

Pundaquit (province of Zambales, Luzon Island)

Much faster than to Boracay by a bus you will get to Pundaquit from Metro Manila.

You have directly available Pundaquit Beach there with the view of Camara and Capones Island. I described how to have a boat trip to those two islands.

Of course, there is more to see in Pundaquit area, when you explore surroundings. Facing south, we can see mountains where there are many coves worth visiting. The most famous here is Anawangin Cove.

My websites with offers of Josie Gonzales

Josie Gonzales offered us accommodation and boat trip to Anawangin Cove. I decided to make websites describing her offers later: